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Building a Local Brand for the Long Haul.

It’s for good reason that Massey’s Outfitters in Louisiana has been in business for three generations. As a family-owned outdoor specialty retailer they have learned to reinvent their brand with the changing times. Today Massey’s is thriving with four independent brick and mortar stores and three on-line storefronts. This independently owned retailer has worked hard […]

A Captured Customer. The Dressing Room.

Once a customer makes it to your dressing room they will spend about a third of their in-store time there. A customer who makes it as far as the dressing room is 70% more likely to purchase a product, so it’s wise to focus some attention on this space. In many cases dressing rooms are […]

A Captive Customer + Customer Service = Sales

The original independent retailers once used fitting areas for checking the “fit” of corsets and handmade clothing.  With the invention of department stores came dressing rooms as a decision zone for customers. Most retailers now see dressing rooms only as a necessary amenity they must provide, yet dressing room statistics might surprise you: •    Shoppers […]

Manny Rules to Review at Outdoor Retailer

Visual merchandising is an art that employs imagination and creativity for the purpose of boosting sales in your store. It can involve lighting, product placement, signage, sales and promotional events, branding and mannequins. Here are some rules on making the most of mannequins in your visual merchandising. They are obvious but often overlooked points, so […]