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Change Can Change

A new year inspires both reflection and planning. This type of contemplation typically arrives at one conclusion: change. Wild Iris Mountain Sports in the small community of Lander, WY believes that, literally, change adds up.  That’s why they created a “refuse a bag” program that annually gives back to their community. “We believe every little […]

How to Dress a Dummy

  Simple as it might be to dress a mannequin often some of the basics are overlooked.  At the Winter Outdoor Retailer Trade show next week Kelsie Morrow, Lizard Lounge store manager and a Portland Art Institute professor of merchandising will show you how to make mannequins come to life. Kelsie will present tips, offer […]

Inspiring Sales and Looking your Best.

Making a sale innovative and appealing is a necessary part of the retail calendar. The goal is to hook consumers via the sale and then make sure they also see the fresh new items in your store. Through creative sales and merchandising, retailers must find delicate balance in keeping the new spring and shoulder season […]