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Pay Attention! Brick and Mortar + Social Media = Symbiotic Love

Ten years ago we all heard doom and gloom projections about the demise of brick and mortar stores saying everyone will shop exclusively online and an in-person retail experience will become extinct. As time passed, technology developed and brick and mortar stores survived, we came to realize the two have a symbiotic relationship. Many social […]

More Than Just A Like, Strategies for Engaging your Facebook fans

If you’re measuring the success of your Facebook page by how many “likes” you have, think again. Your success in the use of Facebook as a marketing and branding tool won’t be measured by the size of your community but by their engagement with your social media platforms. Some important rules: Know your fan base […]

We are Wired to be Social. Questions we asked and answers that worked.

At the Lizard Lounge we are wired to be social, so when we developed our marketing strategy we knew that social media would play a key role in building and bringing our community together. Our goal in launching and growing the Lizard Lounge’s consumer base was to create a community of people who loved the […]