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Visual Merchandising Rules To Affect Your Sales

We show in order to sell. Visual Merchandings in ‘showing’ merchandise and concepts at their very best, with the end purpose of making a sale. After several years of retail merchandising management  (as well as my teaching experience at the Portland Art Institute) I’ve learned to boil down retail merchandising techniques to a handful of […]

Making Sales Through Social Selling

For many, e-commerce is a great opportunity to tap into a market that they would not otherwise reach, and social media is a great supplemental resource for your e-commerce business. But in order for social media to be effective, you need to make sales from it – otherwise, it’s a lot of time without a […]

Social Media: Demystifying

The buzz surrounding social media is palpable, but most retailers want to know exactly how much actual value it generates and how much is just noise. Beyond the basics of setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account there are tactics that can help you maximize the benefits of social media. This is the first blog […]