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Traffic Flow: Make it Work to Maximize Sales

There are three laws of human nature that, when taken into account, may help you create excellent traffic flow in your store: 

Law #1: Roughly 90 percent of customers will enter your store, turn right and walk through the store in a counterclockwise direction. Law #2: Wide aisles encourage customers to walk briskly past your […]

Understanding the Trunk Show

  What is a trunk show? Trunk shows can offer a great opportunity for retailers, wholesalers and consumers alike. Because they bring value to all players in this retail triangle, they’re a powerful tool when used as part of your sales strategy.  But to utilize them effectively, you must first understand what they’re all about: […]

Summer Fun For A Good Cause

  Fresh ideas for reaching out to new and existing consumers can be hard to come by, but they’re necessary for keeping your retail environment exciting. They also give people a fun excuse to come to your store. Half Moon Outfitters in Charleston, South Carolina, was looking to reach out to their existing female customers […]