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Creating True (Brand) Love vs the Email Breakup.

Email is a part of building brand loyalty. Because it builds brand loyalty, email marketing can build an ongoing relationship with your consumers and generate repeat purchases.  There are some simple rules and tips to follow when building an email marketing strategy: Opt-in. Did your consumer give you permission to send them emails? Make sure […]

Good merchandising includes a good floor.

Success is in the details.  When merchandising, don’t forget the floor! Clever and creative use of your floor tells a story. It also helps define your space by department.  Consider the actual types of flooring you use, the height of your floors and theme-related props you set on the floor. Display Window Floors Most display […]

Curating Events That Support Your Community.

  One of the most valuable qualities a brick and mortar specialty retailer offers is care and concern for their own community. After all, by deciding to open and operate a store, the specialty retailer invites a neighborhood exchange. While the store offers a place to shop that supports the values and economy of a […]

Rules. Rules. Rules. Lets Not Forget the Basics.

  The Rules of the Merchandising… Simple as they are they are often forgotten and overlooked.  At the Outdoor Retailer show last week Kelsie Morrow, Lizard Lounge store manager and a Portland Art Institute professor of merchandising gave a FREE demo at the Horny Toad booth to show us all how it is done. Kelsie […]