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Staying lean and mean but not missing the opportunities.

As anticipation builds for the arrival of your new Fall products, many retailers optimistically think that their vendors will ship on time, the weather will be just right and sales will be a success. The reality is that things always change – particularly in today’s challenging economy. You can help yourself navigate uncertainty by making […]

Oscar Knows.

Oscar the Grouch is a guy who knows how to appreciate trash. Take a different point of view of the stuff you normally consider junk and you can often solve a visual merchandising dilemma – no joke! For re-purposing and found-object inspiration take a simple trip to • Goodwill •    Yard sales •    Estate sales […]

Beer Does Good. Pint Nights in the Name of Charity.

Independent stores thrive when they host community events. When done successfully, these events help businesses financially but they also add excitement to the store’s reputation. Consistent promotions and events in the store calendar are a fun way to keep constant “buzz” around brands. Whether it’s involvement in an athletic race, boating event or a routine trunk show, […]