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Communicating Product Details with a Personality

As customers wander through your store, it’s not always appropriate to be right in front of them rambling off the details and positive attributes of every product. Shopping is an experience of the senses – sometimes your consumers want the space to enjoy that time. There are some creative ways to approach visual merchandising while […]

Beyond hello: reading the unique signs your customers give.

When it comes to greeting customers, “hello” seems pretty safe. But beyond this, how you greet your customers can either make or break their experience in your store. For starters, you don’t want to scare them off with an over-the-top “car salesman” approach that doesn’t allow them to move at their own pace. Yet, you […]

Posters with Panache. Simple Inspiration.

A simple, easy way to find inspiration for a display is to build it around a cool-looking poster. Philip Williams is a great resource for rare and vintage posters with plenty of personality. They have a vast selection, emphasizing movies, sport and international commercial art. If you’re ever in NYC you should definitely make a […]