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New and Fresh for Twenty-Three Years

For twenty three years, Appalachian Outfitters has morphed and changed, but its foundationa l pillars have stood the test of time. We provide customers with quality clothing and gear to safely and comfortably enjoy the outdoors. We also demonstrate our love of the planet by supporting events, programs and organizations that preserve open spaces and […]

SNEWS® Merchandising Tours Teaching Retailers To Turn On Your RAS

Visual merchandising ideas are everywhere. We sometimes need to turn on our reticular activating system to find them. The RAS (reticular activating system) is the automatic mechanism inside your brain that brings relevant information to your attention. It’s a fancy way of saying that, if we set a goal to find ideas, they will jump […]

Ask and Listen: Customer Ideas Can Help You Excel

A good shop gone great utilizes a variety of sources to keep their business thriving. One of the most overlooked but promising sources is your customer base. Tapping into the thoughts and suggestions of your customers is the most effective way to keep a business healthy and can lead to solutions you might never have […]

Visual Merchandising for Food and Fashion

If you’re taking the time and effort to have an in-store event, make sure all the details and messaging are consistent. In our experience, to make a strong event, remember that every store experience touches your customer. The appearance of your store reinforces your messaging and creates excitement around your products. Build your merchandising around […]

A Feeding Frenzy for Fashion

Independent stores thrive when they support their community by hosting events. Not only does a successful event help their business by bringing in traffic, it also positively energizes their store’s reputation. Independent stores have the opportunity to make their own rules. Adding special events to their “to-do” list is a fun way to keep constant buzz […]